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A SIP Integrated Web Browser for HTTP Session Mobility and Multimedia Services

Web session migration is one of the ways of improving the web browsing experience. Other ways include the use of bookmarks and web history synchronization. This extension, TransferHTTP, provides an HTTP Session Mobility and Multimedia Services using SIP.

A web browser can now act as an adaptive User Agent Client to surf the Internet and establish multimedia sessions as a SIP client. In summary, it is a novel approach which uses SIP to transfer session data. It also borrowed SIP Mobility mechanisms to introduce new service namely, Content Sharing and Session Hand-off to the web browsing experience.

The Hybrid-based Architectural Scheme

The Hybrid-based Architectural Scheme

The Hybrid-based Architectural Scheme, which this project is based on, requires extending a web browser, also referred to as UAC, to support SIP and setting up a SIP Proxy Server for the UAC registration.

The diagram above shows two scenarios. First, User A migrates a web session from his Notebook PC at work to his Desktop PC at home. In the second scenario, User A shares the current web page he is viewing with a friend, User B. While the first scenario is referred to as session transfer, the second is referred to as content sharing.

The transferhttp project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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